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The Le Fief de Liboichant restaurant is a gastronomic experience for hotel guests and other visitors. Chef Yannick and his team prepare seasonal meals fresh each day with passion and care.
Our menu has something for every palate:
Regional dishes such as freshly caught Semois trout, game in the shooting season, rabbit with Trappist beer or French cuisine in a modern interpretation.
And special children’s meals are served, too, of course.

Besides à la carte dining, restaurant guests can also choose from various set menus. There is a gourmet menu for gastronomes or a culinary discovery menu.

We organise regular themed weekends, featuring different types of food, such as game, fish and crustaceans, or world cultures, like Latino.

Special wellness packages and senior weeks are also available for those that like to be pampered. Of course, this is just a selection of the diverse range of possibilities we offer. We can also put together personalised menus to suit your special needs or wishes.


LE FIEF DE LIBOICHANT - Rue de Liboichant 44 - 5550 Alle sur Semois - Tél.: +32 61 50 80 30wifi-cadeau-bongo-hotel Facebook Réalisation:strates.be